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  • Atap Polycarbonate X-Tuff dan Solar Tuff Roma - Greeca

Atap Polycarbonate X-Tuff Dan Solar Tuff Roma - Greeca

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18 / 12 / 2019
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Rp. 1.000 | CV. Dua Putra Petir merupakan supplier besi beton & bahan bangunan Terlengkap di Surabaya. Cek aneka solusi yang kami sediakan, dapatkan penawaran spesial harga terjangkau melalui Admin Marketing kami via WhatsApp, Phone, Email.

Detail Atap Polycarbonate X-Tuff Dan Solar Tuff Roma - Greeca

KAMI DISTRIBUTOR SOLAR TUFF TYPE ROMA : 0, 86MM GREECA : 0, 82MM DENGAN BERBAGAI UKURAN PANJANG DAN LEBAR HARGA MURAH DICARI AGEN DI LUAR KOTA DAN LUAR PULAU HUBUNGI TELP. 031-7406677 SolarTuff Two Versatile Profiles SolarTuff Greca and Corrugated profiles combine all-weather protection with elegance and UV safety. UV Safe SolarTuff Polycarbonate roofing gives you peace of mind when entertaining outdoors. SolarTuff is manufactured using the latest co-extrusion UV resistant technology. Tests carried out by the Skin Cancer Research Foundation Inc. have concluded that SolarTuff blocks out greater than 99% of harmful UVB rays. The perfect color for every location Whether the structure faces north, south, east or west, Solar Tuff has a color that offers you the right choice of heat and light transmissions for all your project needs.The Solar Heat Gain is an important factor in choosing the right color for your location. If the area surrounding your structure is normally hot and sunny, has little shade or poor ventilation, we recommend you choose a color with a lower solar heat gain value. On the other hand, if your location is shady or cold and requires maximum light and warmth, choose a color with a higher solar heat gain value. Heat and Light Transmission Values CLEAR Light transmission 89% Heat transmission 81% Solar heat gain 80 BRONZE Light transmission 36% Heat transmission 38% Solar heat gain 48 GREY Light transmission 14% Heat transmission 28% Solar heat gain 37 OPAL Light transmission 26% Heat transmission 25% Solar heat gain 27 GREEN Light transmission 47% Heat transmission 49% Solar heat gain 44 BLUE Light transmission 33% Heat transmission 27% Solar heat gain 41 Virtually indestructible SolarTuff has a full 10 year warranty against excessive loss of light transmission and surface yellowing on the UV protected side. It also has a full 5-year warranty against breakage due to hail. In fact, SolarTuff is so tough and good, that if failure occurs we will replace your sheets free of charge. The warranty applies to SolarTuff installed and maintained according to the manufacturer’ s recommendations and specifications. Full warranty details are available from any authorized SolarTuff distributor. It is important to retain the original receipt as proof of purchase for any warranty claim. Minimum maintenance Should cleaning be required, simply wet the sheet with water, use a mild household detergent, a soft clean cloth then hose off. Any maintenance should be carried out using walking boards on the structure along the rafters and battens Both SolarTuff profiles come in a variety of standard lengths and in easy to handle width providing a 760 mm cover. To work out how many sheets you need, simply measure the width you wish to cover in centimeters, divide by 76 and round up to the next whole number. This will equal the amount of sheets you require. Product Cover Width Profile Height Thickness Standard Length in Meters Corrugated 760 mm 860 mm 18 mm Nominal 0.8 mm 1.8 2.4 3.0 3.6 4.2 6.0 Greca 760 mm 820 mm 18 mm 0.8 mm , INFO PRODUK DAN HARGA HUBUNGI " DUA PUTRA PETIR " INDONESIA Telp.031-7406677 , 031-7407380, 082133555559, Fax.031-7417127, Email: duaputrapetir@ - Distributor berbagai merek polycarbonate bergaransi 5-10 tahun yang dilengkapi Double Side UV protected 1. Solar Flat Clear / Colour Plain / Embosed 2. Solar Tuff Roma / Greeca 3. X TUFF Roma dan Greeca ( Colour / Clear ) 4. X Lite 5. SOLITE 6. Twinlite 7. Lexan 8. POLYBOARD 9. Sealent Neutral ( Lem PolyCarbonate ) 10. Sealent Acetic ( Lem PolyCarbonate ) 11. JASA PEMBUATAN CANOPY / PAGAR Sesuai permintaan HARGA DIJAMIN MURAH Untuk Info Lebih Lanjut Menghubungi : CV. Dua Putra Petir Bukit Plama C5/ 33 Citraland Utara Surabaya Telp. 031-7406677 TFax : 031-7417127 Email : duaputrapetir@ mantapp
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